Summer Update

Well, not a lot to report. Haven't heard anything back from the literary agent I sent my proposal to back around the 1st of May. I'm beginning to wonder if he ever got it. Sent it by email so I should probably try doing a snail-mail send and see what happens.

I did get the proposal sent off to AMG Publishers a few weeks ago. Got a quick reply from the acquisitions manager who said he'd get back with me this summer. I'm praying, but not holding my breath.

I've already done research on who I'll submit it to next...just in case.

Book II is coming along well. I hit a snag about the middle of July, but I think I'm past that now. New characters and story lines are cropping up, of course, so I'm having to start another tab in my SuLoPedia to keep track of them so I can go back and work on them later.

One of the characters, a man named Danrin, is going to play a big part in the overall story line. You won't see him in Book III, but he'll be back in IV and V.

I've also been bugged by another set of characters altogether who's story takes place many years before Ceralyn's. They pestered me for three days until I finally sat down and wrote the beginning of their tale. I've decided I'm going to start posting these short stories just for kicks. The one I've just finished is tentatively entitled 'Talia', but I'm looking for that to change as the story reveals itself later.

Another one is a much longer version of the Prologue for Book I. Not titled yet, but will be by the time it's posted.

The third one that's completed is called Nadea and the Wolf and involves Navarre's younger brother, Faolan.

Hope to have all of these posted soon...

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