Summer Update

Well, not a lot to report. Haven't heard anything back from the literary agent I sent my proposal to back around the 1st of May. I'm beginning to wonder if he ever got it. Sent it by email so I should probably try doing a snail-mail send and see what happens.

I did get the proposal sent off to AMG Publishers a few weeks ago. Got a quick reply from the acquisitions manager who said he'd get back with me this summer. I'm praying, but not holding my breath.

I've already done research on who I'll submit it to next...just in case.

Book II is coming along well. I hit a snag about the middle of July, but I think I'm past that now. New characters and story lines are cropping up, of course, so I'm having to start another tab in my SuLoPedia to keep track of them so I can go back and work on them later.

One of the characters, a man named Danrin, is going to play a big part in the overall story line. You won't see him in Book III, but he'll be back in IV and V.

I've also been bugged by another set of characters altogether who's story takes place many years before Ceralyn's. They pestered me for three days until I finally sat down and wrote the beginning of their tale. I've decided I'm going to start posting these short stories just for kicks. The one I've just finished is tentatively entitled 'Talia', but I'm looking for that to change as the story reveals itself later.

Another one is a much longer version of the Prologue for Book I. Not titled yet, but will be by the time it's posted.

The third one that's completed is called Nadea and the Wolf and involves Navarre's younger brother, Faolan.

Hope to have all of these posted soon...


Getting Closer

Completing something is always a good feeling. I just finished my book proposal for The Measure of a Queen - Fire and Ice. Well, the first draft anyway. Still, after working on it for almost two months, getting this far is an accomplishment. During that same time, I added a new Chapter One to the novel as well as what I hope is a suspenseful Prologue.

Now it's time to get back to Book Two. Ceralyn and Navarre have discovered that Ulan has been kidnapped and they'e about to set out after him. Things are getting exciting.

I'd like to take a moment to offer my thanks to best-selling author, Jeanette Windle, for all her help and support and for believing that I can actually do this. I also owe a very big thanks to my niece, Darelle. She's always pushing me to write and encouraging me when I get discouraged.

Anyway, I hope to have the proposal finalized before the end of April so I can move forward with what I hope will be an entertaining and inspirational story everyone can read and enjoy. Keep praying folks...I've had several goose-bump-raising experiences related to writing this story that prove it works! God is Good!!!


Welcome to a New Adventure

If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~Toni Morrison

Additionally, if you dream of people you would like to get to know better, then by george, get yourself to a typewriter and get to know them. ~Kathy Lane

Like many people, I dream frequently. Also like many people, I don't always remember the dreams. But there are some mornings that I wake up, the details so vivid, it's almost as if I had returned from a trip. On these trips I meet people, sometimes friends, sometimes family, but many times people I've never met until I dream them; people that I actually miss when I wake up in the morning.

No, I'm not crazy. At least no more so than any other writer with characters running amok in her head clamoring for the story of their life to be let out onto paper. I've leaked these stories in bits and pieces over the years, never really pausing long enough in this busy process called living to let one of them out entirely...until now.

Ceralyn, Navarre, and Tristan, the three main characters of my fantasy series, The Measure of a Queen, visited me one night several years ago after an evening of reading a compilation of fantasy short stories. Their visit resulted in eight pages of hand-written...sentences. (Note please, that I do not call it anything remotely resembling a story.)

In January, 2006, my niece started 'poking' me to attend the Florida Christian Writer's Conference with her. The FCWC is held in Bradenton, Florida, only an hour away from my home, so I finally gave in. Of course, I then needed something to take to the conference, so I went in search of some piece of formerly-written fiction.

Ceralyn, Navarre, and Tristan clamored the loudest, (three voices are, after all, louder than one or two), so I pulled out those eight pages of descriptive sentences. After spending two months working those sentences into a readable story I received a surprisingly good critique at the conference. In fact, the author who critiqued the story let me know in no uncertain terms that I had to finish what I started. Fourteen months later, those eight pages have grown to more than 120,000 words, with four more books of words waiting to be written. Talk about a story!

Click on The Stories and visit The Measure of a Queen to read excerpts from book one, Fire and Ice, and book two, The Winglyth King.