Sniper Shots: EXERPT 5

     “Don’t move, Joshua.”
Staring at the silently snarling animal, Joshua thought Amy’s suggestion had excellent merit. He now understood completely why Chet steered clear of her when Bors was with her. What a monster. Three feet at the shoulder if he was an inch. The huge dog had a short, solid black coat, thick chest, heavy body, and paws the size of saucers. Not to mention a mouth-full of sharp teeth that would do a T-Rex proud. Tack on a couple more heads and he’d make a perfect Cerberus.
 “This is my fault,” Amy said, walking quickly toward him. “I’m sorry. I shouldn't have argued with you where he could hear. He’s very good at picking up on verbal aggression.”
No shit, Joshua thought, careful not to meet the dog’s threatening gaze. At this distance, he wouldn't have a chance of snatching one of the three knives strapped to his body before Bors turned him into a Scooby snack. The dog was damned unhappy. So much so, Joshua automatically reached out to stop Amy from stepping between him and the angry animal.
Big mistake.


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Kathy Lane said...

Very glad you like Sniper Shots, Linda. I'm working hard on the next book in the series.

gabriel said...

Katy, I really enjoyed Sniper Shots, couldnt put it down. Any Idea when the next book will be out? Thanks